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Chatswood Private Hospital has joined the World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH)

Chatswood Private Hospital is proud to announce that it has joined the prestigious World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH), making it the first private member to join the organisation in Australia. This is a tremendous honour and one that that hospital looks forward to living up to.

The WAEH is an international network of eye hospitals dedicated to improving the level of ophthalmic care around the world by promoting the open sharing of information and knowledge between members. Started in 2007 with eight founders, the WAEH has grown to an organisation of over forty of the best eye hospitals in the world. Admittance to the WAEH requires a hospital to pass a strict set of criteria to prove itself as one of the leading providers of ophthalmic care in their home country, an achievement that Chatswood Private Hospital can proudly lay claim to.

Chatswood Private Hospital looks forward to working with the WAEH to not only improve our own level of care and service, but to also contribute to the ophthalmic community around the world. The executive team of Chatswood Private Hospital will be attending the 2017 WAEH summit in Tianjin, China to learn from their peers better techniques for providing top quality eye healthcare for its patients.

Click here to learn more about the World Association of Eye Hospitals.


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