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CPH Partnering with Consumers

Presmed Australia and Chatswood Private Hospital have instituted a Consumer Engagement Committee which met at our Hornsby facility, Madison Day Surgery on 28 March 2018. The Committee provides a formal mechanism for patients, carers staff and doctors and management to support the partnership of care with our consumers and to improve the Safety and Quality of Care.
Chatswoodwas represented by an ex – patient. The Committee provided excellent feedback and endorsed our patient safety and quality care.

If you would like to be a patient community advisor and join our next meeting, please contact Wendy McLean – Clinical Manager/ DON on:
Phone: 02 9413 4822 and Email

What is Partnering with Consumers?

Presmed Australia has implemented systems within each Facility to support the much valued partnering with patients, carers and other consumers to improve the safety and quality of care.
Delivering care that is based on partnerships provides many benefits for the healthcare consumer, provider, organisation and system. Evidence is building about the link between effective partnerships, good consumer experience and high quality health care.

Since October 2017 substantial progress has been made regarding the development of an active Consumer Engagement Committee. Presmed Australia hospitals are fortunate to have the services of a discerning group of willing and enthusiastic volunteers patients and family advisers to review newsletters, clinical indicator results including complaints and comments, infection rates, improvement activities and display of safety data on facility notice boards.

The recent National Standards Accreditation Survey conducted by auditors from the ACHS at a Presmed Hospital in March 2018 confirmed all requirements for the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standard: Partnering with Consumers were met and confirmed Presmed as an overarching guiding body has implemented opportunities to engage with consumers to obtain feedback on their experiences to help plan improvements and obtain considerations for incorporation into strategic and operational planning for all sites.