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Patient Profile: Mrs Carol Lippey

Featured Article: Carol Lippey


Mrs Carol Lippey was a patient at the Hospital on 8th December 2017 for cataract surgery under Dr. Yohendran.

“Having been an Ophthalmic nurse for over 20 years and now a patient at Chatswood Private Hospital (CPH), it feels like I’m coming back home, all be it on the wrong side of the fence”, says Carol, one of the original Registered Nurses at our facility.

Previously one of the founding nurses for the OSC (Opthalmology Surgery Centre, 1997-2007) which was the private Ophthalmic Day Surgery from which CPH developed, it was our honour and pleasure to care for Carol during her admission.

Carol’s dedication and work ethic to the nursing unit was second to none, having been employed as the second staff member for the OSC in 1997. She has been very happy to see the immense progression of growth within technological advancements in surgery and the quality of service provided by the staff at CPH.

“Chatswood Private Hospital is very fortunate to have state of the art equipment today as back then we only had one theatre to start with, with one dedicated surgeon/doctor, then during the Olympics in 2000, the second theatre was built and followed on from there to what it is today. Back then we also had no observation charts so we had to organise everything ourselves stay on top of the day to day management”.

Carol is a true testament to the growth of Ophthalmology. Having undergone Cataract surgery at the hospital, she was extremely happy with the entire process. “I think that during my time Mark Resnik was a great CEO and today Roger Cronin has the same standards in providing a strong support for the hospital and management. I have enjoyed watching the growth and changes from the past to now and I can say that I am very happy with the service and high standards provided to patients from CPH”.

Chatswood Private Hospital would like to extend their gratitude and thank Mrs Lippey for being a stellar example to the staff and nursing department.

The hospital is committed to continue to provide the best care and procedures to its patients.